Color Art Challenges 2023 Edition
#inktober #peachtober #scbwiartober #batober

In 2023 participated in 4 October Art Challenges! (You can learn more about it in my last post). Then next for November I created a #huevember color prompts list complete with color names. It was a lot of fun & thank you so much to those of you that joined in with my color names prompts. I really enjoy the community aspect of it!

If you want to see all 31 colored illustrations of mine, the best way to do so is to follow me over on instagram @keithryanstudio . I’d love to hear all your comments and thoughts.

illustration of a kid floating away from a graveyard holding onto a balloon
Blue beach illustration
illustration of Frankenstein's Monster with lightning in the background
Illustration of a purple hand giving a peace sign
Illustration of a hat pinned to the wall with a bat boomerang