Spring art prints, a shirt celebrating Earth Day & another encouraging the Makers!

“Make Stuff” is a new design available on clothing. It’s an ode to Makers, Inventors, Artists, Poets, Creators and the like. It’s featuring a whimsical design of a quirky inventor in the vintage style of a children’s book illustration.

“We’re All in This Together” is another clothing design which was created to commemorate crossing the 8 billion mark of people on earth! We gotta take care of this place.

We also wanted to highlight a couple of great springtime art prints of flowers just in time for Mother’s Day. They are titled “Grandma’s Garden, Geraniums” & “Grandma’s Garden, Pansies” and… you guessed it, they were painted from actual flowers grown in grandma’s garden.

The clothing designs are available in men’s and women’s shirt styles along with hoodies and children’s clothing. These are up on teepublic.  
The art prints are in the keithryanstudio shop as always.